Bounce to our Meeting Rooms in Amsterdam

Do you want to give your event in the same meeting room that normally houses our talented craftsman and modern masters? We’re way ahead of you.

Use our focus space with big tables and good chairs to teach any class, run a brainstorm or to get geeky creative. Our smaller meeting box is perfect to get to know your new business partner or to just watch sports together.

It’s all possible, the meeting rooms at our Amsterdam location have screens you can use and some solid Wi-Fi. We’ll come find you in your meeting room to get your coffee order and we offer additional lunch and treat trays.

Meeting Room coolness:

  • Inspirational and stylish rooms
  • Big tables and good chairs
  • Screens for presentations
  • Solid Wi-FI
  • Lot Sixty One coffee with 10% off
  • Lunch and treats options
  • Garden: Vondelpark

Meet Up Meeting Room
Take a break and trade your office for our meeting room anywhere between 8am and 6pm. After you can let loose and take on the Vondelpark together.
42,50 EUR p.h/20 spots
Mini Team Meeting
Talk in private, surrounded by a jungle of green with a good cup of coffee, that you can do best in our meeting box, which is open during business hours.
37,50 EUR p.h/8 spots
Saturday Special Meeting
Want to make a special day out of any class or creative session? Our meeting rooms in Amsterdam open at 10am on Saturdays so you can get busy early.
42,50 EUR p.h/20 spots

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