Our Story

A rebellious, creative & community based work space

The office, but different
We believe in a new kind of office:
a creative, slightly rebellious and community-based workspace housing talented and ambitious freelancers, startups and enterprises.

Shops & Craftsmen
You’ll not only find your office here but also shops ranging from an espresso bar to a barber shop. Grab a coffee and play a game of pool.

The workspaces are designed to match the different stages of your work life and your company’s development. Go from a flexible work station to a private office space.  All our memberships can be adjusted or canceled within 1 to 3 months. Your office can adapt as your business changes, but you will always keep the benefits of the BounceSpace ecosystem.


Bouncing Talent
At BounceSpace, talent is a highly valued resource. From the talented craftsmen (barista, barber) to all of the modern masters housed in our space, from designers to lawyers (and everything in between). The person or company next to you should be just as much of a reason to join us as the nice desk or room we offer. Our community houses some of the brightest people around, and that’s something we cherish deeply. Lots of activity and a buzzing atmosphere is what makes it BounceSpace.

Productivity & Focus
At the same time, we know that you have a business to run and you need space that allows for productivity and focus. Our workstations are set up to ensure that you can get work done. Whenever you are in need of a break you can turn to the lounge, shops and meeting space for some indispensable inspiration.

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Daan Nederlof
Investor & co-founder BounceSpace
Anthony Tevreden
Hairdresser & manager Bubblekid Shop
Donny Eimers
Hairdresser & co-founder Bubblekid shop
Paul Jenner
Barista & co-founder Lot Sixty One Shop
Adam Craig
Barista & co-founder Lot Sixty One shop
Luuk de Leeuw
Bike repairer & Founder De Fietskantine Shop
Thomas van de Meer
Art trader & founder Vault17 shop


Jorn van Lieshout
Entrepreneur & co-founder BounceSpace
Boy Ali
Business student & Community Chief BounceSpace
Lucas van Nielen
Talent coach and co-founder EVO-T
Erwin Dekker
Talent coach & co-founder EVO-T program

A Bouncing History

A changing economy
BounceSpace was born in Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands. Here we experimented with creating a new workspace environment that catered to the needs that arose from the changing economy caused by an on-going digital revolution. New technologies meant that what could previously only be done by larger enterprises became possible for motivated individuals as well. However, just a physical workspace was no longer enough – without a powerful social context filled with inspiration, creativity and serendipity, space is just space.

From an idea to a real community
Armed with a dedication to answer this need, we truly kicked off when we moved from Maastricht to Amsterdam. Here we were temporarily housed in the former Booking.com office, right across the Rijksmuseum in downtown Amsterdam. In less than six months this building was packed and flourishing with all sorts of talent. That social context had become reality.

From temporary space to our own building
After we had proven our concept we managed to convince real-estate owners of our philosophy and approach to working together. This allowed for the next step: a long-term occupancy of our very own building. At the end of 2013 we moved into a beautiful old factory building on the Overtoom. Here we were able to take it to the next level. Unique shops at the ground floor create an atmospheric entrance to the fully renovated workspace higher up in the building.

Amsterdam & Eindhoven
Once again our space was filled and flourishing within months, so we decided to take on the challenge of expanding BounceSpace back to the south, to Eindhoven – the technology & design hub of the Netherlands. We constantly strive to further grow our community and consider ourselves to be permanently in beta, so we’re always looking for people to help grow and improve our space.

If you think you can contribute to our vision, don’t hesitate to  reach out to us!


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