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Posted in Our Vision Jul 12, 2013


“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievements depend on a community of persons working together.”

– Paul Ryan,  American Politician


Jorn van Lieshout, Founder of BounceSpace, started developing the concept in 2009 (?) when he was still a student in Maastricht. Annoyed by all talent moving away towards big companies in the Randstad, he decided to create a place that stimulated talent to stick together under one roof. A lot has changed since then. BounceSpace moved away from Maastricht and opened new venues in Amsterdam and Maastricht. But that core ideology has remained the same: unite talent under one roof. If talent works together they can compensate for each other’s weaknesses and achieve greater things as a whole. The collective is often worth a whole lot more than the sum of its parts.

Bounce members are (or feel) young and are always full of energy. They are very passionate about what they do and this usually translates into high ambitions. It becomes evident from walking around the building that having all of this talent work in one building leads to cross-pollination of ideas, ambitions and work ethic. Being surrounded by talented and successful people simple stimulates members to further develop their own talents in order to achieve higher themselves. We have seen from our own experience that if talent unites this inevitable attracts the likes of investors, recruiters and customers. Creating that unique win-win situation where everyone benefits gives us a rush.

Now in Eindhoven we even take it one step further and collaborate with a talent coaching company named Evo-T. Founders Lucas van Nielen and Erwin Dekker describe their service as follows:

“We help people discover their natural talent and make them use that talent in an optimal way to gain and hold there energy during every moment of the day; 24/7. We believe in a dynamic and energetic working environment where areas are tailored for different operational facets: physical, social, intellectual and happiness. At the start of the day people set their daily targets and based on these targets they plan and rotate across areas.

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