Stuvia, the education pioneers that will join BounceSpace Amsterdam!

Posted in Blog Jan 23, 2015

Time to introduce our Amsterdam members and why not start with the last guys who have joined the club? Today Stuvia made their move official! The team will join us as of may of this year and we’re thrilled to introduce them to you.

Jaap & Martijn (picture) started the company in 2010 when they were both still at university. Their dream was to build an online place where students could find and offer study materials whilst earning money at the same time. “Learn and earn” became their motto.

Unique online community
Students realised the opportunity Stuvia offered and the startup quickly grew into a nationally recognised online study community. Students stopped throwing away their valuable summaries and started to share them online via this open market place.
The business model Stuvia empowered them with meant they could upload and download summaries, earn a reputation online and monetize on that whilst maintaining ownership and decision power on the value (price) of their work.
The result is a self-sustaining environment full of unique and valuable documents that help students pass their exams each day.

Stuvia has started expanding into other parts of Europe, a mission that will be continued on the Overtoom. This young team with high ambitions will certainly complement to our Amsterdam community. Welcome a board!

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