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Open Space
At the core of the BounceSpace philosophy there has always been serendipity – the belief in unexpected meetings with invaluable outcomes. This means we also encourage people who are not yet looking to become a Member (but might looking to meet talented people, simply grab a good coffee, get a haircut or repair their bike) to come by. You are always free to access the lounge & shops at BounceSpace. This has created a lively entrance that never looks the same.

Member Space
We’ve also learned that what really differentiates our space from a regular office is the combination of the open space and the second layer that we’ve created around it. It’s a layer that consists of talented individuals and ambitious companies that make use of the building on a daily basis. For these Members we’ve created workspaces that allow them to fully focus and get work done efficiently, while at the same being in a building with an open and relaxed space where you can enjoy the vibe of the shops or play a game of pool.

Member Facilities
In addition to our open lounge & shop space we offer members a building that’s accessible 24/7 with a personal access card, including high speed WiFi connection, new office furniture (with design & vintage interior) and a shared meeting space in our glass BounceBox. And, regardless of whether you are based in our Amsterdam or Eindhoven location, you can always visit the other one for a quick work session or meeting.

Since most of our Members make use of the space on a daily basis, new and valuable relationships are constantly being born and nurtured. As well as looking for suitable new Members, we make sure that the current ones benefit from each other as much as possible by offering a communication platform both offline and online, organising lunch sessions and by facilitating various events. We’re always open to ideas and suggestions from our community and promote an informal and collaborative setting. Check out the different types of Memberships below and get in touch with us.

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"To me BounceSpace means more than just office space. I've met my investor there and the daily shot of inspiration and knowledge from other members has been tremendously important to"

- Piet Pluk, Founder
Steven Lammertink - Founder Cirqle and Loft Member
Hanneke Stuij - Brand Ambassador BOS Ice tea and Desk Member
Mark de Lange - Founder Ace & Tate and Loft Member
Jonathan Lugg knows the game, as a high-level business lawyer he can tell you how to negotiate the best deal


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