How BounceSpace is Reinventing the Office

Posted in Our Vision Jul 12, 2013

“To design the future effectively you must first let go of your past.” 

– Charles. J. Givens. Best-selling author of Wealth without Risk


Offices. We somehow came to know them as boring and stifling places where, unfortunately, we have to spend most of our days. They are easily recognizable by their blue or grey carpets, cubicle desks, system ceilings and fluorescent lights.

From various studies you can distill one conclusion: if you want to create a learning environment that’s directly opposite to what our brains are good at you would probably design something like the regular class room and in a business environment you would end up with something like most office spaces we know.

The traditional office doesn’t invoke feelings of joy, creativity and belonging. The only reason we spend our time there is because we have to and the minute our workday ends we are out. In fairness they tend to scare people off.

Not surprisingly working from home has become more popular lately. But turning your living room into an office makes it hard to detach from work and makes people feel socially isolated. You miss out on what’s most important in the economy of today: other talent around you.

BounceSpace addresses this modern day working dilemma by completely rethinking the office monster we’ve created and too change things you need to break down things and start over.

Our concept is built on four key ingredients: Design, Talent, Connections and Freedom. Let us take you through all four of them.

1. Design

2. Talent

3. Connections

4. Freedom