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Posted in Our Vision Jul 12, 2013

If you ask a random bounce-member what aspect of Bouncespace they value most, there is a big chance the answer relates to “easily meeting new people”. Experience tells that often our members not just like meeting new people, but they actually need to meet new people to succeed. The majority of our community constitutes of freelancers and entrepreneurs that need to tackle challenges in wide range of different areas. They need to look after the business aspect, the marketing aspects, the IT aspects, the financial aspects etc. Unless you are a true jack-of-all-trades bringing in outside resources is inevitable. But hiring or contracting the right person for the expertise you lack is often very hard. How do you know what type of programmer you need if you have never written a single line of code?

In BounceSpace we have professionals with all kinds of different talents working under one roof. Just ask around in the social areas and you will be chatting with the person you are looking for in no time. Our members always like to help each other out. “Help” is a broad term here and may be some simple but insightful pieces of advise or getting introduced to a much sought after contact. Often all those little bits of help being given on a daily basis add up to make a big impact. BounceSpace is a portal to a wide talent pool that you can utilize to compensate for those areas in which you lack expertise. Again, real examples from our members best demonstrate the BounceSpace networking impact.


Matthijs LeendertseMatthijs Leendertse

Founder of Elm Concepts – An agency that helps organizations innovate their media and education propositions – & Lecturer at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

“My work life is very dynamic and I work best in an office environment that provides me with new inputs. People here are always very passionate and driven which leads to interesting encounters. Just recently I connected Steven (other Bounce-member and founder of Cirqle) to one of my Economy classes at the Erasmus University and now my students are solving a case on his startup.”

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